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What We Offer

The Eos Property Group offers two distinct forms of property investment for its clients.  One is the “Armchair Developer” model where clients become involved with a small scale development and enjoy the significant profits of a developer. The other concept, “Armchair Investor”  is for the more conservative client whereby Eos uses its experience and expertise to find a quality, long term investment property in approved locations and assist clients in the purchase and investment process.

Armchair Developer

The Armchair Developer® concept offers:


The Armchair Developer concept evolved when we, at Eos, were investigating ways to enhance our client’s profits.  We believed there were smarter ways to grow a portfolio than the old “buy and hold” method.  We all understand developers have a profit margin on projects however most investors have neither the time, expertise, nor finances to undertake a whole development and enjoy this profit.  We discovered that by combining like minded investors with a professional development manager, each investor could reap the developer’s rewards without doing the work. The Armchair Developer® concept was created.


How it works

It begins by sourcing a quality investment site, close to employment opportunities, schools, shops and a central business district.  We conduct a feasibility study, obtain valuations and rent letters to ensure the project has the capacity to produce at least a 20% developer’s margin for our investors.   Provided the numbers stack up we produce a property profile and offer the project to our database.

If the site will hold 8 units we seek 8 investors. Some people or groups are happy to take three or four units in any development. Each investor contributes an initial deposit and the land is purchased through a joint venture arrangement.

The development manager is now engaged and the project is taken from design through to completion under the control of the management team.  Their role, along with all the compliance and approval requirements, is to contract consultants, obtain the construction finance on behalf of the JV and engage a builder via a tender process. Finally the units are completed and titles are issued.

Each investor now takes personal ownership by repaying the JV back their share of the construction finance and the JV can dissolve.

Consequently each investor now owns a well located, brand new unit, purchased well below market value and returning proportionally higher rent returns. They have retained the developer’s margin and provided “instant” equity for their next investment.

Here is an example based on one of our developments in Walcott St Perth

Walcott St

Per investor

Initial deposit


Final take out figure


Total invested


Current valuation


Estimated profit


Rent return